Assistive Technologies

The Goonies

1hr 54mins
Directed by
Richard Donner
Josh Brolin,
Corey Feldman,
Sean Astin

After the film, join us at Osaka for the Rewind! After Party with beer, cider, and sushi!

Steven Spielberg and Richard Donner team up to create the Goonies, a plucky group of misfit kids on a quest for treasure to save their neighborhood from being bulldozed and turned into a golf course.

Sean Astin and Josh Brolin kicked off their Hollywood careers as the Walsh brothers in this 80s pint-sized swashbuckler, as they join their friends "Chunk", "Mouth", "Andy", "Stef", and "Data" to find the hidden fortune of "One-Eyed" Willy, with a host of imaginative booby traps, awkward adolescent moments, and a band of bumbling crooks all out to get in their way. 

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