Since 1933, the Coolidge Corner Theatre has shown the finest movies and offered innovative programming to audiences of all ages, creating community in a landmark treasure in the heart of Brookline.

A planned gift to the Coolidge helps ensure the long term stability of the theatre, and ensures the future of our mission to "entertain, inform, and engage — building a vital community through film culture." We are happy to work with you to identify programs and opportunities that might best represent the ways in which you’d like your gift to impact the Coolidge.

Coolidge Legends

Coolidge Legends honors friends who are securing the Coolidge’s future by including the Coolidge in their estate plans through a bequest, trust, or other legacy gifts. If you have included the Coolidge Corner Theatre in your estate plans, we hope you will let us know. We would love the opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation through your membership in the Coolidge Legends.

Please contact our Development Office at or 617-734-2501 for more information about the Coolidge Legends.


Adding a simple bequest to your will is an easy way to contribute to the future success of the Coolidge. The bequest can be for a specific amount of money or a percentage of your estate. It can be made outright, or once family, friends, and other loved ones are cared for. In any case, the Coolidge will be the grateful steward of part of your life's legacy. 

Sample bequest language:

"I bequeath _____% of my residuary estate (or $ _____) to THE COOLIDGE CORNER THEATRE FOUNDATION, INC., 290 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA 02446, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable cultural organization. Federal Tax ID number: 04-3039722."


You can designate the Coolidge as the beneficiary of your IRA or other retirement assets such as 401(k) and 403(b) plans and the Coolidge will receive the funds upon your passing, or you can make outright gifts during your lifetime from these same assets that the Coolidge can use immediately. You can leave the entire balance to the Coolidge, or designate a specific portion. 


Donate a paid up life insurance policy that you no longer need for your family and receive a current income tax deduction. If you designate the Coolidge as owner and irrevocable beneficiary of a fully paid life insurance policy, you may take a charitable income tax deduction for the policy's terminal reserve value (approximately equal to its replacement value). Or, you might think about taking out a new policy benefiting the Coolidge and receive tax benefits with each premium paid.

When designating the Coolidge as the beneficiary of any type of gift, please use our official title and address: THE COOLIDGE CORNER THEATRE FOUNDATION, INC., 290 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA 02446.

These are just a few of the options for making a planned gift. Your lawyer or financial advisor can assist you in deciding which giving option is the most appropriate for your circumstances and wishes.

For more information, please contact our Development Office at or 617-734-2501.