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Blue Steel

1hr 42mins
Directed by
Kathryn Bigelow
Jamie Lee Curtis,
Ron Silver,
Clancy Brown

Kathryn Bigelow’s gripping psychological thriller starring Jamie Lee Curtis "hums with an electric current" (Variety) as it vividly depicts a female cop's mental and physical struggles with an obsessed psychopathic killer. 

Rookie cop Megan Turner (Curtis) orders a burglar to drop his gun. He whirls to shoot. Too late. Turner fires, killing him instantly. But she doesn't know that someone has been watching. And when that someone lifts the assailant's gun from the crime scene, carves Turner's name into the bullets and uses them in a series of murders, Turner is drawn into a deadly game of wits with a psychopath who's always one step ahead…and much closer than she thinks.

With Blue Steel, Bigelow wrote and directed one of the rare contemporary police thrillers that can be read on another level—as a pointed questioning of whether the Hollywood action film, with its deep roots in misogynistic violence, can be used to critique itself. - Harvard Film Archive


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