The Night Cry

1hr 10mins
Directed by
Herman C. Raymaker
Rin Tin Tin,
John Harron,
June Marlowe

Featuring live piano accompaniment by Jeff Rapsis! 

A giant condor decimates a herd of sheep, and Rin Tin Tin is unjustly accused of having turned killer! 

Under the law of the range, the sheepmen order the dog killed; but John Martin, his owner, hides the dog instead. When the condor takes Martin's baby, can Rin Tin Tin rescue her?


Jeff Rapsis is a writer/editor, educator, and also a composer and performer who specializes in creating live musical scores for silent film screenings. He does other things, too. Specific talents include an ability to place coins on either elbow and then catch them in the same hand before they hit the floor, though sometimes he misses and the coins go flying just everywhere. He's also an award-winning journalist, newspaper publisher, and owner of multiple dogs. Visit his website here.

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