Metropolis (1927)

2hrs 33mins
Directed by
Fritz Lang
Brigitte Helm,
Alfred Abel,
Gustav Fröhlich

The Anvil Orchestra returns to the Coolidge Corner Theatre providing their inimitable brand of musical accompaniment to Fritz Lang's 1927 sci-fi opus Metropolis. A stunning tale of working-class rebellion, mad scientists, and robots, Metropolis is the urtext of sci-fi cinema. 

The year is 2026, a Dickensian 'best of times, worst of times,' where total oppression and manipulation of the masses is wielded by the unquestionable power of a few. Far below the City of Metropolis is the Underground City where machines are operated by the workers who live even further below. Day after day, in mechanical routine, they are forced to the limits of human endurance.


The Anvil Orchestra is Terry Donahue (Alloy Orchestra, Concussion Ensemble) and Roger Clark Miller (Alloy Orchestra, Mission of Burma, Trinary System). Their unique live musical performances to silent films transform the viewing experience for adults and children alike in locales across the United States and abroad.

As two-thirds of Alloy Orchestra, Roger and Terry will continue the tradition of high caliber compositions and performances. Percussionist Lawrence Dersch (Binary System, Trinary System, Concussion Ensemble, AKA/COD) will be added to the line-up when films call for a bigger percussive sound. The Sound of Silent Film will live on in The Anvil Orchestra..

The group is based in Southern Vermont, but can play anywhere in the world.

“The Anvil Orchestra” is a name coined by film critic Roger Ebert. The first time the Alloy Orchestra played the Ebertfest, he incorrectly announced the group by that name from the stage. His creative word-play has now come full circle.

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