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The Man in the Mask

1hr 30mins
Directed by
Jess Barnthouse, Stacy Buchanan
Kip Weeks

With directors Jess Barnthouse & Stacy Buchanan in person.

In 2008, Kip Weeks starred as “The Man in the Mask” in the horror film The Strangers. Now he lives in Portland, Maine and runs an eco-friendly art supply company with his family.

But Kip longs to return to filmmaking and is on a mission to resurrect his former career.

The Man in the Mask is a documentary following Kip’s journey to pursue his lifelong dream, while also trying to balance his obligations to his wife, family, and growing business.​

It’s a deeply personal story. But also an eerily relatable story about the highs and lows of being in the film industry, and the irreversible costs that come from a fleeting taste of fame.

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