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House of Flying Daggers

1hr 59mins
Directed by
Zhang Yimou
Ziyi Zhang,
Takeshi Kaneshiro,
Andy Lau
Film Language
in Mandarin with English subtitles


Thu 9/28
Available for online purchase
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Inaugural Coolidge Award winning director Zhang Yimou throws scene after stunning scene at you in House of Flying Daggers, a dazzling epic of true heartbreaking action, passionate romance, Oscar-nominated cinematography and serene beauty. 

Hoping she will lead them to her fellow assassins, two captains (Takeshi Kaneshiro, Andy Lau) hatch a plan to capture and trick Mei, (Ziyi Zhang - Hero; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), a beautiful dancer suspected of having ties to the House of Flying Daggers, a powerful revolutionary faction. From there begins a lone trail of dangerous encounters, impossible love triangles and plot twists, in which people are rarely as they seem... With some of the most beautiful martial arts scenes ever filmed, this is a visual masterpiece and a feast for the senses.

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