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The Haunting (1963)

1hr 52mins
Directed by
Robert Wise
Julie Harris,
Claire Bloom,
Richard Johnson,
Russ Tamblyn


Sat 10/07
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Hill House has a reputation for evil. The mysterious New England mansion has been the scene of grisly murders. But when four people spend the night, they find themselves trapped by The Haunting.

Anthropologist Dr. John Markway (Richard Johnson), who seeks to disprove the legends; heir to the mansion Luke Sannerson (Russ Tamblyn); psychic Theo (BAFTA Award winner Claire Bloom); and Eleanor Vance (Julie Harris), who has a tenuous hold on sanity, slowly come to realize that the stories are all true.

Now, Scream - no one will hear you! Run - silent footsteps will follow. The dead are restless in Hill House!

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