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Drop Dead Gorgeous

1hr 37mins
Directed by
Michael Patrick Jann
Kirsten Dunst,
Denise Richards,
Ellen Barkin,
Kirstie Alley,
Allison Janney


Fri 3/31
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The Sarah Rose American Teen Princess Pageant is a beauty contest to die for! And that's exactly what the contestants in Mount Rose, Minnesota, are doing. 

Ever since the vivacious-but-vicious former beauty queen Gladys Leeman started pushing her charm-challenged daughter, Rebecca, to win at all costs, the competition has been dropping like flies. Between exploding tractors and deadly hunting accidents, it's a wonder the top challenger, poor Amber, has the courage to keep her tap shoes on. But after Amber's mother is injured in a suspicious trailer-park-beauty-shop bombing, Amber is determined to fight to the finish -- and the battle between the good and the bad is about to get ugly!.


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