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Blade Runner: The Final Cut

1hr 57mins
Directed by
Ridley Scott
Harrison Ford,
Rutger Hauer,
Sean Young

Man has made his match... now it's his problem.

Harrison Ford stars in Ridley Scott's fascinating, dark vision of the near future as a policeman who tracks engineered humans—a Blade Runner. In the year 2019, the police department forces Rick Deckard (Ford) out of retirement to hunt four genetically engineered humans who have come to earth. Designed to do difficult, hazardous work, the manufactured humans are stronger, faster, and smarter than non-engineered humans. They feel no pain or remorse; they are almost indistinguishable from other humans... and they are killing people. Now Deckard must stop them before they kill again.

Altered numerous times over the year since its release, Blade Runner is now presented in its definitive Final Cut, overseen by Scott and spectacularly restored and remastered from original elements.

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