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Q&A with Parasite director Bong Joon Ho

Q&A with director Bong Joon Ho!

Internationally renowned director Bong Joon Ho (Snowpiercer, The Host) will join us for a live Skype Q&A following the 7pm show of his acclaimed new film Parasite on Friday, November 1.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to delve deeper into one of the best-reviewed, most talked about films of the year!

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Director's Statement

Read Bong Joon Ho's statement on Parasite below:

For people of different circumstances to live together in the same space is not easy.
It is increasingly the case in this sad world that humane relationships based on co-existence or symbiosis cannot hold, and one group is pushed into a parasitic relationship with another.
In the midst of such a world, who can point their finger at a struggling family, locked in a fight for survival, and call them parasites?
It's not that they were parasites from the start. They are our neighbors, friends and colleagues, who have merely been pushed to the edge of a precipice.
As a depiction of ordinary people who fall into an unavoidable commotion, this film is:
a comedy without clowns,
a tragedy without villains,
all leading to a violent tangle and a headlong plunge down the stairs.
You are all invited to this unstoppably fierce tragicomedy.

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