Through the Night

1hr 16mins
Directed by
Loira Limbal
Deloris Hogan, Marisol Valencia, Shanona Tate

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Through the Night is an intimate cinema verité portrait of three working mothers whose lives all intersect at a 24-hour daycare center: a mother working the overnight shift as an essential worker at a hospital; another holding down three jobs just to support her family; and a woman who for over two decades has cared for the children of parents with nowhere else to turn. A tender portrait of titanic strength, love, and selflessness, Through the Night showcases the multiplicity of “women’s work” -- paid, underpaid, and unpaid; emotional and physical; domestic and career-oriented -- all while negotiating the terms of a dignified existence under the three arrows of racism, sexism, and capitalism in America. Directed and produced by Loira Limbal, a Sundance Institute Fellow and a former Ford Foundation Justfilms/Rockwood Fellow.

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Plus, filmmaker Loira Limbal and subjects Patrick and Deloris "Nunu" Hogan joined us for a virtual Q&A, also featuring Lauren Birchfield Kennedy, co-founder of Neighborhood Villages, and moderated by The Boston Globe's Jeneé Osterheldt:

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