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Reefer Madness

1hr 8mins
Directed by
Louis Gasnier
Dorothy Short, Kenneth Craig, Lillian Miles

Women cry for it—men die for it!

While an anti-drug crusader lectures a group of concerned citizens, the town's innocent teens are drawn into a vice-ridden web of reefers, red-hot jazz, and the insanity they provoke. With frequent detours through frank sexual terrain, director Louis Gasnier and producer George Hirliman (who together comprised G&H productions) proved they were neither saints nor saps when it came to making movies. They brilliantly demonstrate the most basic principle of exploitation: any vice can be indulged to an excessive degree as long as it is cloaked in a wrapper of education.

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The Jaws of midnight movies.

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New York Times
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The ultimate camp film: a sensationalistic account of a subject its filmmakers obviously knew nothing about.

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Danny Peary
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