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The Most Beautiful Couple

1hr 30mins
Directed by
Sven Taddicken
Maximilian Brückner, Luise Heyer, Jasna Fritzi Bauer
Film Language

Presented by the Goethe Institute Boston.

Two young teachers, Malte and Liv, are spending their summer holiday on the Mediterranean coast, when they are suddenly attacked by three young men and Liv is assaulted. Two years later, Malte and Liv are not only still together, but demonstrating an amazing strength in dealing with the trauma, determined that it will not tear them apart.

But when Malte has a chance encounter with one of the perpetrators, he finds himself driven to seek revenge and sets out in pursuit. But once he is facing the longed-for confrontation, he realizes that the situation has gotten out of control once again. He hasn't told Liv, he didn't call the police and now the couple's fragile relationship, which they have fought so hard to preserve, is threatened once more.

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