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Little Shop of Horrors with Director Frank Oz

1hr 34mins
Directed by
Frank Oz
Rick Moranis,
Ellen Greene,
Steve Martin


Tue 10/10
Available for online purchase
Sold out/unavailable
Also available as part of “Seminar: Little Shop of Horrors ”

Director Frank Oz joins us in-person with authors William Pace and Ingrid Stobbe for a post-screening conversation, "Little Shop of Limitations: Making a 1-Ton Plant Sing"!

Join us for an evening of film and discussion as the Coolidge’s programming and outreach coordinator, Billy Thegenus, explores the way limitations led director Frank Oz to create the innovations that helped him make the modern musical masterpiece Little Shop of Horrors. Joining him onstage to delve deeper into the manner in which successes and creativity can spring from moments that initially seem to be obstacles are authors William Pace and Ingrid Stobbe of The Filmmaker’s Guide to Creatively Embracing Limitations.

The wacky tale of a plant with a taste for human blood stars Rick Moranis, Steve Martin, Ellen Greene, and Vincent Gardenia, with memorable comedic appearances from Bill Murray, Jim Belushi, John Candy and, of course, the late Four Tops’ lead singer Levis “Feed Me, Seymour” Stubbs as the Venus Flytrap from hell. Nominated for two Academy Awards, Little Shop of Horrors has only grown in popularity since its initial release.

Please note: There will not be any opportunity for autographs at this show. 


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