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Eva's Promise

Directed by
Steve McCarthy
Eva Geiringer Schloss


Sun 10/08
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Featuring a post-screening conversation with co-producer Susan Kerner and Tufts University Professor Dr. Barbara Wallace Grossman. 

On a train to Auschwitz, 15-year-old Eva made a promise to her older brother Heinz. If he did not survive the camps, Eva promised to retrieve the paintings and poetry Heinz hid under the floorboards of his attic hiding place.

Heinz Geiringer’s story sits in the shadow of the better-known The Diary of a Young Girl. After the war, Eva became the posthumous stepsister of Anne Frank when her mother married Anne’s father. While the world knows Anne’s story, this film introduces Heinz, his artistry, and his sister’s efforts to find and share his remarkable legacy.


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