Assistive Technologies


1hr 49mins
Directed by
Frank Marshall
Laura Linney,
Ernie Hudson,
Dylan Walsh,
Tim Curry


Sat 4/15
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When an explorer's quest for a diamond mine ends tragically in the Congo, his father and the operation's CEO sends Dr Karen Ross (Laura Linney) into the jungle to continue the hunt...maybe for his son, but definitely for the diamonds. 

To keep her goal confidential, Dr Ross tags along with a devoted animal researcher (Dylan Walsh), who is Africa-bound to return his gifted gorilla Amy to her natural habitat. They are joined by a mercenary (Ernie Hudson) who acts as their guide and a money-hungry explorer (Tim Curry) searching for a fabled treasure in the mythical Lost City of Zinj.

About The Creatures and Characters of Stan Winston

One of the preeminent pioneers in modern creature effects history, Stan Winston led the industry for over 40 years – combining robotics, digitally-enhanced makeups, sophisticated puppetry, and CGI, to create fantasy characters that defied the imagination, and truly lived. We're excited to present a program of films celebrating his legacy of iconic film characters and creations in partnership with the Stan Winston School of Character Arts! 

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