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All About Me

1hr 40mins
Directed by
Caroline Link
Luise Heyer, Sönke Möhring, Diana Amft
Film Language

Presented by the Goethe Institute Boston.

Ruhr Valley, Germany, 1972. Hans-Peter – or Hape Kerkeling, one of Germany's most beloved comedians and television stars — is a pudgy nine year-old with a troubled family life; ever since his mother's botched surgery, he has watched her sink into a deep depression. Hans-Peter is left in the care of his kind-hearted grandmothers, whose love and care make it possible for the young lad to survive the emotional turmoil and use his natural comedic talents to heal his own wounds—all while making people laugh along with him.

Based on Kerkeling's best-selling autobiography and directed by Caroline Link (Oscar-winning director of Nowhere In Africa), All About Me, whose German title translates to The Boy Needs Some Fresh Air, is an entertaining, sincere coming-of-age story about the therapeutic potential of laughter.