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21st Halloween Horror Marathon



Sat 10/29
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If you love being scared, it'll be the night of your life! The Halloween Horror Marathon returns for a biting 21st show!

The night begins with the man of 1,000 faces, Lon Chaney, in London After Midnight! We’re presenting TCM’s 2002 reconstruction of the lost film featuring a live score from pianist Jeff Rapsis. After that performance, the horrors continue with 13 terrifying hours of vampiric classics on the big screen—all on 35mm!

The blood flow begins with Bela Lugosi as Dracula. He comes from his grave at night... drinks living blood... see the story of the strangest passion the world has ever known! Following Legosi’s legendary performance, we’re featuring the 80s’ most fang-tastic flick, Fright Night! There are some very good reasons to be afraid...of the dark.

The remaining films will stay in their coffins until they hit the screen, with plenty of ghastly thrills and supernatural surprises along the way!

*Note: the costume contest will take place following the first film of the night.


London After Midnight

TCM's 2022 reconstruction of Tod Browning's 1927 lost masterpiece, featuring a live score from pianist Jeff Rapsis. 


1hr 15mins

The original Dracula which launched the Hollywood horror genre and defined the iconic look and frightening character of the famed vampire.

1hr 46mins

There are good reasons to be afraid of the dark.