London After Midnight (Reconstructed)

Directed by
Tod Browning
Lon Chaney,
Marceline Day,
Conrad Nagel

TCM's 2022 Reconstruction of the 1927 lost masterpiece London After Midnight, featuring a live score from pianist Jeff Rapsis. 

Tod Browning’s silent movie horror film, London After Midnight (1927) starring Lon Chaney, Marceline Day, Conrad Nagel, Henry B. Walthall, and Polly Moran, has intrigued silent movie fans for decades.

Now considered a lost film, surviving production stills, a Photoplay Edition novel, scripts, and other memorabilia give some feel for the actual film, but their varying plot gaps, anomalies, and inconsistencies leave viewers wondering how the actual film unfolded . . . until now.

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