Watch John Carpenter at the Coolidge

It’s October, so everyone’s entitled to one good scare…and we have ten to choose from in our new “Watch John Carpenter” film series! We’re celebrating the master of horror throughout the month with films in both our Coolidge After Midnite and Big Screen Classics programs.

What's on

The series commences on October 1 with Carpenter's debut feature, DARK STAR. From there we’ll see THE FOG roll into Antonio Bay (Oct 7), ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK with Snake Plissken (Oct 8), look out for death on wheels with CHRISTINE (Oct 15), witness the master of horror’s Apocalypse Trilogy—THE THING (Oct 14), PRINCE OF DARKNESS (Oct 21), and IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS (Oct 22)—and sink our teeth into VAMPIRES (Oct 28).

In addition to all that madness After Midnite, we’re presenting two prime-time terrors with Carpenter’s “f*ck you” to the Reagan era, THEY LIVE (Oct 13), and his creation of the modern slasher film as we know it in his masterpiece, HALLOWEEN (Oct 31).

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Featuring a new, commemorative design from Mister Reusch, we've got "Watch John Carpenter" t-shirts and sweatshirts available for purchase at concessions. Grab one to show your love for the genre film emperor!