Curbside Concessions

Get popcorn, candy, beer, wine, and more of your favorites while helping to support the nonprofit Coolidge Corner Theatre.

We know you've missed our popcorn, so we've found a way to let you bring some home and help support us (and other local vendors) while we're closed down! It's easy: just select a pick-up time slot and order your package online, follow the instructions in your email to come get your order, and enjoy from home! Maybe paired with a movie from our Virtual Screening Room?

Thank you for your support of Curbside Concessions! We're going on hiatus for now, but check back to this page for updates.


How do I get my order?

This is designed to be a zero-contact transaction. Once you place your order through our online system, you can pick it up at the back entrance of the theatre (facing the Centre Street parking lot, next to the Kids’ Show banner) during your designated time slot. 

What measures are you taking to keep this safe?

All staff will be utilizing Personal Protective Equipment throughout the pickup window, as well as during any preparation and clean-up. We will be wearing masks and we respectfully require that you also wear a mask when you come to pick up your order. We also request that conversations between staff and customers that do not pertain to your pickup order are kept to a minimum. We expect to see many familiar faces during this period, and we would love to catch up and check in with you, but the goal is to minimize exposure to one another while getting your concessions order to you as quickly as possible.

I bought a package with alcohol, do I need my ID?

Yes, please be prepared to show your ID at pickup.

Can I get a T-shirt, other piece of merchandise, or a concessions item that isn’t listed with my order?

We’re looking to add more options in future weeks, but for now, we’re limiting this just to the items listed!

Does the popcorn have butter?

No, it does not—it’ll get soggy if we we pre-butter it and put it in a bag! But it’s easy to add butter yourself, since we use real butter. Just pop some in the microwave and it’ll be just like you’re back at the Coolidge.

What if my order is wrong?

Oh no! We’re so sorry—you can reach out to our Director of Theatre Operations, Andrew Thompson: andy[at] coolidge [dot] org