Seminar: Sorcerer

Event Date
Thursday, August 22nd

University of Connecticut professor Justin Liberman, will introduce the film and share insights about the director and the storied history of its production.

William Freidkin pushed filmmaking to the absolute limits with his sensory overloading adaptation of the acclaimed French thriller Wages of Fear (1953). Entangled in legal issues for years, Sorcerer (1977) is an underseen hallmark of the New Hollywood Cinema of the 1970s and marks the theatrical debut of Tangerine Dream. 

About Justin Liberman

Justin Liberman is a Boston based filmmaker, on the directing roster at ELEMENT Productions. His narrative films (Tobacco Burn, Pretty Dead Flowers) have screened and won awards and Jury prizes at Tribeca Film Festival, Montreal World Fest, Santa Barbara Film Festival, and IFF Boston. Justin started his career working under Michael Mann on the films Collateral and Miami Vice. He's a faculty member at University of Connecticut.

Films & Events

Pre-film seminar from filmmaker and University of Connecticut professor Justin Liberman!

Thu 8/22

WANTED. Four men willing to drive a cargo of death to escape a life in hell.

Thu 8/22