Hitchcock in Hollywood

Event Date
Wednesday, August 14th - Wednesday, September 11th

Instructor: Andre Puca

Wednesdays at 6:30pm (please note that this is an evening class)

Wednesdays, August 14—September 11 (5 sessions)

Cost: $120/members and students, $150/public

Emerson College's Andre Puca returns for his much-anticipated follow-up to last year's Coolidge Education course, "Early Hitchcock: The Master of Suspense in the U.K." In his second class about the “master of suspense,” Puca will trace the British director through his first several years in Hollywood, which he began by winning the Academy Award for Best Picture for Rebecca. Over the span of 5 weeks, attendees will view an eclectic selection of Hitchcock's films designed to demonstrate the deftness with which the director handled so many different genres and styles. For an engaging and thorough examination of how Hitchcock’s mastery of suspense extended to everything from the pre-production of his films all the way up to their advertising and marketing, join professor Puca this August at the Coolidge.

Attendees do not need to have taken the previous Hitchcock course to register for this one.

About the Instructor

Andre Puca received his B.A. in English from Cornell University, after which he earned his MFA in Film Studies from Boston University. He is a Senior Affiliated Faculty member at Emerson College, where he teaches courses on film and media studies. He has also taught film studies courses at Babson College as a Visiting Lecturer and presented papers at a number of film studies conferences in the U.S. As a citizen of Italy and a fluent speaker of Italian, Andre has spent a great deal of time traveling back and forth between the United States and his home country. As a result, he brings an intimate knowledge of Italian dialects, language, culture, and history to the course. And while his primary research focuses on the history of American independent cinema, his most recent publication featured in The Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies was about the sadly overlooked Italian comedian and director, Massimo Troisi. This is his third Coolidge Education class, a follow-up to last year's "Early Hitchcock: The Master of Suspense in the U.K."

Photo: Photographic montage taken by photographer Gjon Mili in 1942

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