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Essential Fellini

Event Date
Thursday, May 5th - Thursday, June 2nd

More than a century after his birth, the Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini remains one of cinema’s most enduring and influential giants. 

In this five-week class, we’ll take a look at some of his most personal and iconic works, as well as the dualities that define them: the sacred and the profane, the masculine and the feminine, the provincial and the urbane. From his early days working in neorealism to his later, more surrealist films, Essential Fellini will explore the maestro’s creative journey and take a deep dive into some of the masterpieces that defined his career.

Class dates: five consecutive Thursdays, from May 5 - June 2

Time: 10am - 1pm

Class format: Classes are held in the 45-seat Screening Room. Prof. Puca will provide a detailed introduction to each film, followed by a screening. After the screening, there will be discussion/Q&A.


Andre Puca received his B.A. in English from Cornell University, after which he earned his MFA in Film Studies from Boston University. He is a Senior Affiliated Faculty member at Emerson College, where he teaches courses on film and media studies. He has also taught film studies courses at Babson College as a Visiting Lecturer and presented papers at a number of film studies conferences in the U.S. At the Coolidge, he has led classes and seminars on Alfred Hitchcock, Italian Neorealism, the Iranian New Wave, and more.


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