You Never Had It: An Evening With Bukowski

Directed by
Matteo Borgardt
Charles Bukowski, Silvia Bizio

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Producer and journalist Silvia Bizio introduces an evening with writer Charles Bukowski by recounting her time with the author and discovery of the extraordinary time capsule that led to the documentary’s creation. You Never Had It is based on a video interview conducted by Bizio with Bukowski at his home in San Pedro, California in January of 1981. It was a long night of smoking cigarettes and drinking wine with Bukowski and his soon-to-be wife, Linda Lee Beighle, talking about all kinds of subjects, from writers to sex, love, and humanity. The interview was shot on Umatic tapes which have been digitized, edited, and combined with Super 8 shots of Los Angeles today and poems read by Bukowski.

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