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Slumber Party Massacre II

1hr 17mins
Directed by
Deborah Brock
Crystal Bernard, Jennifer Rhodes, Kimberly McArthur

The ultimate horror-rock blasterpiece!

An all-female hard rock band rents a condo for a much-needed vacation. Their tranquility is cut short by a heavy metal dream-demon and his murder weapon of choice: the drill-tar.

Written and directed by Deborah Brock (Rock ’n’ Roll High School Forever), Slumber Party Massacre II combines the most successful elements of Satisfaction, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3, and Beverly Hills, 90210 to create one of the most outrageous trash-slashers. Although the sequel contains none of Slumber Party Massacre’s subversiveness, it does have a wise-cracking killer who materializes from a dream and takes time out for breakdancing. This is how life should be.

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