Assistive Technologies

The Silent Revolution (Das schweigende Klassenzimmer)

1hr 51mins
Directed by
Lars Kraume
Jonas Dassler,
Michael del Coco,
Sina Ebell
Film Language

Presented by the Goethe Institute Boston, with producer Miriam Düssel in person.

Kurt and Theo are classmates and best friends. In 1956 they are about to finish school in Stalinstadt, in the GDR. On one of their secret excursions to West Berlin to go to the movies, they see disturbing pictures of an uprising in Hungary in the newsreel Wochenschau. The students are impressed by the young Hungarians, who fight for their freedom and they decide to show their solidarity. In class, they hold a minute’s silence in honor of the victims. Little do they know how much trouble their seemingly harmless act of solidarity will mean for their future…