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1hr 51mins
Directed by
Bob Clark
Dolly Parton,
Sylvester Stallone,
Richard Farnsworth

Dolly Parton & Sylvester Stallone make a charming pair in the rom-co that spawned multiple top-10 hit singles.

Featuring a performance from students of the Brookline Music School!

Trying to get out of her contract with her obnoxious manager, Freddie (Ron Leibman), country singer Jake Farris (Dolly Parton) bets that she can turn the next person she sees into a Nashville-style crooner. Unfortunately, the next person she sees is cocky New York City cabbie Nick (Sylvester Stallone), who can't sing a note. Undaunted, she brings her new protégé to her tiny Tennessee hometown to train him in all things country, while her ex-boyfriend (Tim Thomerson) tries to win her back.

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