Parasite (1982)

1hr 25mins
Directed by
Charles Band
Demi Moore, Robert Glaudini, Cherie Currie

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In the future, cities are ravaged by atomic fallout and controlled by evil corporations that have developed a mutant pair of flesh-eating parasites. One is feeding inside the man who created it. The other has escaped. Now, with the help of a young woman left orphaned in the wasteland (Demi Moore), a scientist on the run (Robert Glaudini) must destroy these horrific creatures before they can reproduce. But the more a parasite feeds, the bigger it becomes. And the more it grows, the hungrier and angrier it gets.

Released to theaters as “The First Futuristic Monster Movie in 3-D,” this sick shocker co-stars rocker Cherie Currie, drive-in goddess Cheryl ‘Rainbeaux’ Smith, and Broadway legend Vivian Blaine, is directed by cult great Charles Band (Trancers, Blood Dolls), and features juicy creature effects by Academy Award-winner Stan Winston (The Terminator, Aliens).

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