Assistive Technologies

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

1hr 58mins
Directed by
Steven Spielberg
Harrison Ford,
Kate Capshaw,
Ke Huy Quan

Another exciting collaboration between George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, Temple of Doom brought Harrison Ford back with new friends and new enemies.

A 1930s adventure set in the depths of India, Indy and his friends investigate the strange disappearances of children from a small village. As the mystery leads them within a foreboding temple, Indy is in for a challenge, with alligators, creepy-crawlies, menacing villains, a precarious mine tunnel, and even supernatural powers.

With groundbreaking special effects technology, Temple of Doom was a critical stage in the development of more refined optical effects, such as making a mine cart seemingly fly through the air. A character for all time, Indy promised the greatest of adventures and the most fantastic of spectacles.

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