Assistive Technologies

Helter Skelter

3hrs 14mins
Directed by
Tom Gries
George DiCenzo,
Steve Railsback,
Nancy Wolfe

A rare 16mm screening of the made for TV film depicting the investigation and trial of the horrific Tate-LaBianca mass murders orchestrated by the psychotic pseudo-hippie cult leader, Charles Manson.

Based on the bestselling book by Vincent Bugliosi, Helter Skelter is a clinical but often chilling recount of the arrest and trial of Charles Manson and his cult for a pair of horrific murders in 1969. Character actor George DiCenzo stars as prosecutor Bugliosi, who must patch together a series of clues to incarcerate Manson for the bloody murder spree, which claimed the life of actress Sharon Tate, among others; he and the rest of the capable cast (which includes Marilyn Burns from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) are completely overshadowed by Steve Railsback's disturbing performance as Manson.

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