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2hrs 7mins
Directed by
Andreas Dresen
Bjarne Mädel, Milan Peschel, Peter Schneider
Film Language

Presented by the Goethe Institute Boston.

Gerhard Gundermann became a famous singer-songwriter in former East Germany, while at the same time working his day job as a backhoe operator in a coal mine. He died tragically at the age 43 in 1998. His very personal lyrics and authentic performances made him a cultural icon in the German Democratic Republic of the Eighties. After the fall of the wall, Gundermann's popularity not only remained, it even grew bigger. Even when it was revealed in 1995 that Gundermann used to be an informant for the notorious secret state police Stasi, the news didn't really tarnish his success – and though his musical career garnered him a good income, he continued to work on construction sites all his life.

Nominated for 10 LOLAS at the 2019 German Film Awards.

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