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Funny Ha Ha

1hr 29mins
Directed by
Andrew Bujalski
Kate Dollenmayer,
Christian Rudder,
Myles Paige

20th anniversary screening featuring a post-film Q&A with director Andrew Bujalski!

Critically-acclaimed by The New York Times and Film Comment as one of the best films of 2005, Andrew Bujalski's debut feature film,Funny Ha Ha, is true U.S. independent filmmaking at its best.

When you graduate college, you easily sashay into the world of adulthood, start a career, and get serious, right? Wrong. Marnie has left college, but not her drinking habits or her bad taste in men. What's more, Marnie can't seem to find a permanent job. It would be sad if it weren't so funny.

Drawing on key influences such as John Cassavetes, Mike Leigh and Richard Linklater, Bujalski's honest depiction of today's disillusioned and somewhat aimless youth is a breath of fresh air in today's clustered independent film world intent on imitation rather than displaying a unique and fresh perspective of life as does Bujalski here in his impressive debut.

Winner of the "Someone to Watch Award" at the Film Independent Spirit Awards.


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