The Booksellers

1hr 30mins
Directed by
D.W. Young
Fran Lebowitz, Susan Orlean, Gay Talese

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D.W. Young’s elegant and absorbing documentary is a lively tour of New York’s book world, populated by an assortment of obsessives, intellects, eccentrics and dreamers, past and present: from the Park Avenue Armory’s annual Antiquarian Book Fair, where original editions can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars; to the Strand and Argosy bookstores, still standing against all odds; to the beautifully crammed apartments of collectors and buyers. The film, executive produced by Parker Posey, features a range of commentators, including Fran Lebowitz, Susan Orlean, Gay Talese, and a community of dedicated book dealers and collectors who strongly believe in the wonder of the object and what it holds within.

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Review Text

Charming, beguiling. A delightful homage.

Review Author
Review Text

A treat for anyone who appreciates the printed word.

Review Author
The Hollywood Reporter
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You don’t have to be a book lover to watch The Booksellers, but you might become one after you do.

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The Boston Globe