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American Psycho

1hr 42mins
Directed by
Mary Harron
Christian Bale,
Jared Leto,
Willem Dafoe,
Chloe Sevigny


Sat 2/19
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Christian Bale portrays seemingly mild-mannered Patrick Bateman, a Vice President at Wall Street firm Pierce & Pierce in the 1980s, who spends most of his office days doodling in his calendar and making reservations at the hottest restaurants in Manhattan.

At night he and his coworkers hit the nightclubs, do blow, and casually pick up women in whom they really have no interest. In private, however, Bateman's passions tend more toward the Leatherface variety. His body count piles up while trying to balance his social position with his daily skin care regimen.

Based upon the once-thought-unfilmable novel by Bret Easton Ellis, director/writer Mary Harron and co-screenwriter Guinevere Turner produce one of the greatest satire's of 80s decadence put to film, that also just happens to be an amazing serial killer flick.


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