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Joe Bob’s Indoor Drive-In Geek-Out


Legendary drive-in host Joe Bob Briggs returns to the Coolidge! 

We here at the Coolidge are proud to be one of four theaters hosting a premiere week of “Joe Bob’s Indoor Drive-In Geek-Out,” a partnership between Joe Bob Briggs and the American Genre Film Archive. 

“These four theaters are all trend-setters in the world of genre and cult programming, so this is like going to Carnegie Hall for me. These are the places where the geeks and nerds of America already hang out, so we’re gonna go to 11 with the commentary. This will not just be a deep dive—we will be descending into the Mariana Trench in the Fantastic Voyage submarine.” - Joe Bob Briggs

Together, Joe Bob and the AGFA have curated sets of double features that Briggs will host in person at theaters around the country. Things kick-off here at the Coolidge with “Cerebellum Night,” a double feature of The Brain (1988) and Brain Damage (1989).

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1hr 34mins

A giant mutant brain terrorizes Canadians at Christmastime! BUT THAT’S ONLY THE BEGINNING!!

1hr 24mins

A howlingly horrific celebration of urban angst, sicko splatter and mind blowing, drug induced experiences!