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Female Trouble & Bad Girls Go to Hell Double Feature

2hrs 34mins

A special free-to-members double-feature of two hysterically shocking films that inspired the upcoming new release Drive-Away Dolls from director Ethan Cohen and writer Tricia Cooke.

Ethan and Tricia hand-picked these films to prepare audiences for their own outstanding addition to the sex comedy genre. Drive-Away Dolls opens at the Coolidge on February 23.

Ethan Cohen and Tricia Cooke on Female Trouble and Bad Girls Go to Hell 

There are John Waters movies that share a bawdy delirium with many of these others, and with our movie too we hope. Female Trouble has a lead whom they would nowadays call an “empowered woman,” as if the phrase does that character justice, as if our language isn’t a degraded thing now that the do-gooders have ripped it away from the artists

Doris Wishman made naïve movies, but anyone who values sophistication for its own sake should have their head examined. Her Bad Girls Go to Hell is a movie whose writing no doubt started with its title, as many B-movies did, and ours too. (The original name for ours was Drive-Away Dykes, a title that belongs on the marquee of a seedy movie theater. We wrote a script to justify the title.)


1hr 29mins

Nice girls don't wear cha-cha heels.

1hr 5mins

"Like Godard in drag." - John Waters