Camp Rocky Woods


Sat 8/14
Available for online purchase
Sold out/unavailable

Attention campers! Join us for a day of activities in the Rocky Woods followed by outdoor screenings of two hilarious '80s summer camp send-ups: Wet Hot American Summer and The Final Girls

When you arrive at Camp Rocky Woods, there’ll be plenty of fun before the films! Take a canoe out on Chickering Pond! Join the Trustees for a guided hike! Enjoy making crafts! 

The screenings will begin at sunset. Tickets for the double feature are $35; parking, activities, and campsites are sold separately. For camping in the field near the screen, click here. For larger private campsites, click here.


1hr 37mins

It’s the last day of Camp Firewood’s season, but there’s still time for the big talent show, a little romance…

1hr 31mins

Todd Strauss-Schulson's genre-blending horror comedy starring Taissa Farmiga, Malin Akerman, and Alia Shawkat.