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22nd Halloween Horror Marathon


Tremble tremble!!! The witches are back...

The Halloween Horror Marathon returns from the gallows for its 22nd year! Join our coven and witness seven satanically shocking stories—all in 35mm! 

The night begins with that macabre tale of motherhood: Rosemary's Baby! Next, it's Dario Argento's gore-geous technicolor terror: Suspiria! You'll then meet one of the most terrifying weird sisters of them all in a found footage classic: The Blair Witch Project!

The only films more horrifying than the first three in this program are the final four! Can you survive 12 hours of diabolic divination, or will you end up in the cauldron?!


2hrs 17mins

Pray for Rosemary's Baby.

1hr 32mins

Do you know anything about witches?

1hr 21mins

Everything you've heard is true.