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19th Annual Halloween Horror Marathon


Spend the night in a haunted house!

The Coolidge Corner Theatre's Halloween Horror Marathon has returned to be among the living—join us for twelve straight hours of manifestations, apparitions, poltergeists and more, all on 35mm film! 

For the nineteenth time, hundreds of horror fans from across New England will descend upon the Coolidge to spend the night watching some of the most spine-tingling ghost stories ever made. Beginning at midnight on Saturday, October 26th we'll watch the walls bleed in The Amityville Horror (1979), followed by Tobe Hooper’s supernatural classic Poltergeist (1982)!

After these first two films, phantom fanatics can stick around for another five spooktacular films throughout the night. As per Marathon tradition, the titles won’t be revealed until they hit the screen, but one thing is certain: there will be plenty of specters, ghouls, ectoplasm, and gore to keep the audience up all night!

Also featuring our costume contest, a paranormal presentation by Ron Kolek and the New England Ghost Project, trailers from the Coolidge Crypt, and much more!


1hr 57mins

The most famous haunted house case of all time is so truly horrifying, you'll want to flee the theatre! 

1hr 54mins

Director Tobe Hooper joins super-natural forces with producer Steven Spielberg to create one of the most frightening haunted house stories ever!