Award Year

On January 31, 2016, the Coolidge Corner Theatre honored Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe winning actress Jane Fonda with the tenth Coolidge Award, recognizing her indelible impact on film and American culture.

About Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda began her film career in the early 1960s and quickly established herself as a world-renowned film star. By the end of the sixties she had garnered several accolades, including Golden Globe "Best Actress" nominations for her roles in Period of Adjustment (1962), Cat Ballou (1965), Any Wednesday (1966), and They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? (1969), for which she also received an Oscar nomination. In 1971 she won her first Oscar for "Best Actress" in Klute, and in 1978 received her second Oscar for Coming Home. To date, her prolific career boasts stellar performances in over 40 films, including Julia (1977), The China Syndrome (1979), Nine to Five (1980), On Golden Pond (1981), The Morning After (1986), and Lee Daniels’ The Butler (2013). Currently, Fonda is featured in the Netflix series Gracie and Frankie (also credited as Executive Producer), and most recently in the critically acclaimed Youth.

In addition to her dynamic acting career, Fonda is also known as a bestselling author (My Life So Far, Being a Teen, Prime Time) and a passionate social change activist. Since her early anti-war activity in the 1960s, which has continued through the past half century, Fonda has also advocated for environmentalism, the feminist movement, and teen health and empowerment. She is a co-founder and board member (along with Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan) of Women’s Media Center, a nonprofit organization committed to ensuring that women are well-represented at all levels in the media. Additionally, she is a co-founder and board member of Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power and Potential (GCAPP), the Jane Fonda Center at Emory University, and the Thomasville Community Resource Center. All three community-based organizations serve youth and families in the areas of health and education.

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