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Seminar: 12 Angry Men

Event Date
Monday, June 3rd

In this seminar, Peter Horgan (Emerson College) will explore how the movie's story made the most of its single set location while analyzing the screenplay and the way it creates conflict within its exposition of the characters.

Additionally, he'll discuss the modern-day relevance of the film as well as an exploration on how it kickstarted the prolific career of the legendary director Sidney Lumet.

About the Instructor

Peter Horgan is a filmmaker and professor at Emerson College, where he teaches screenwriting, directing and producing. His first feature, How to Rob, was called a “winning debut,” by The Boston Herald and received the Audience Award for Narrative Features at the 2022 Independent Film Festival Boston. Horgan’s work focuses mainly on exploring criminal lifestyles and the morally gray areas of the underworld.

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