Assistive Technologies

A Gnome Named Gnorm

1hr 24mins
Directed by
Stan Winston
Anthony Michael Hall,
Jerry Orbach,
Claudia Christian,
Craig Caton


Sat 4/29
Available for online purchase
Sold out/unavailable

A young Los Angeles police officer and a mysterious gnome become unlikely partners as they track a killer. 

When a sting operation goes awry, officer Casey is blamed for the murder of his colleague and Gnorm the gnome is the only witness.

About The Creatures and Characters of Stan Winston

One of the preeminent pioneers in modern creature effects history, Stan Winston led the industry for over 40 years – combining robotics, digitally-enhanced makeups, sophisticated puppetry, and CGI, to create fantasy characters that defied the imagination, and truly lived. We're excited to present a program of films celebrating his legacy of iconic film characters and creations in partnership with the Stan Winston School of Character Arts! 

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