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1hr 52mins
Directed by
Jöns Jönsson
Moritz von Treuenfels,
Ricarda Seifried,
Thomas Schubert
Film Language
in German with English subtitles


Sun 2/12
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Julius is an eloquent young museum attendant loved by his friends, colleagues, and girlfriend. One day he invites his fellow workers to join him for a sailing trip on his aristocratic family’s boat. But something goes wrong—Julius is not who he seems.

In his second feature, Jöns Jönsson pushes the idea of "fake it till you make it" to its breaking point. Julius impresses everyone with his worldly knowledge, charisma, and ideals of self-reinvention. Yet his behavioral patterns are in conflict with the rules of society. This increasingly uneasy tale of an affable young man's compulsion to self-invent goes much further than the odd exaggeration.

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