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1hr 34mins
Directed by
Robert Vincent O'Neil
Donna Wilkes,
Susan Tyrrell,
Dick Shawn,
Rory Calhoun

You're young, attractive and healthy - and swimming in a toilet bowl!

Molly Stewart (Donna Wilkes) is at the top of her class at the prestigious private high school she attends. But what her classmates and teachers don’t know is that Molly survives by working nights as a prostitute on Hollywood Blvd, in the company of her friends: a worldly transvestite, a retired cowboy movie star, and her cantankerous but kind-hearted landlady. However, her world begins to fall apart when a depraved, necrophiliac serial killer begins targeting LA’s streetwalkers. As more and more women fall victim to this vicious killer, Molly realizes that it’ll be up to her and her friends to take on the maniac before they too find themselves in his murderous sights…

Mixing brutal, slasher styled killing scenes with the sweetness of an afterschool special, Robert Vincent O’Neil’s (Blood Mania, Wonder Women) Angel is one of the seminal exploitation films of the early 80s. Co-starring Dick Shawn, Rory Calhoun, Susan Tyrrell, Cliff Gorman, and featuring beautiful cinematography by Andrew Davis (The Fugitive) along with a memorable score by Craig Safan (Cheers)l

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