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Seminar: Godzilla



Tue 7/02
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Global blockbuster Godzilla (1954), featuring ground-breaking special effects, both reenacted Japan's recent history and predicted its postwar political and economic path. This seminar will examine Godzilla's historical context and legacy.

About the Instructor

Jennifer Cullen has a PhD in Modern Japanese Literature from UCLA and is the author of “A Comparative Study of Tenko: Sata Ineko and Miyamoto Yuriko” (2010), “A Blank Page: The Canonization of Higuchi Ichiyo” (2015), and Writing Purity: The Rise of Virginity as a Literary Concern in Modern Japan (2015). She is currently an Associate Teaching Professor of Japanese Popular Culture and Film at Northeastern University, and the managing editor of The U.S. Japan Women’s Journal.

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