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Whoa... it’s an all night Keanu Reeves marathon!

Spend 12 hours with Hollywood’s kindest leading man as we screen six Keanu classics, all on 35mm film.

Keanu Reeves has fearlessly taken on roles in a variety of genres over his astonishingly fun career, starring in everything from introspective art-house films, to stoner comedies, to action-packed thrillers and beyond. On this night we celebrate a few of his most excellent, confounding, heroic, and understated performances.

Beginning with an ultra-rare 35mm print of Point Break, the Keanu-Thon runs from midnight until noon on Sunday with five more movies featuring the man whose name is said to mean “cool breeze over the mountains”. Most of the program will remain a closely guarded secret, but we’ll conclude with a BANG as Speed hits the screen at 50 miles per hour!


2hrs 2mins

Special President’s Day screening!


1hr 56mins

Get ready for rush hour.